Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nothing Else In All Creation Can Be Moral But Angels and Man

If God created all things and proclaimed them to be very good then why do we think of germs as bad? Could it be due to the propaganda of modern science, the idol of our age? Has our thinking been molded by our ancient faith, the scriptures and the traditions of our Fathers or has our view of the creation been molded by the modern priests of science?

Germs, viruses, bacteria, yeast and molds are everywhere on, in and above the earth in various forms. In nature when a tree is weakened or compromised from mineral derivation, lack or water or the presence of toxins the immune system isn't able to properly do its job thus making the way clear for microbes to go into a decomposing mode which is part of the grand cycle of life and death. Were it not for the great fall of mankind, the earth would be a perfect place with no provision for the need of death to synergisticly work within the cycle of life. So because of the fall, death has become a necessary phenomena and God in mercy has made a provision for dealing with death when it begins to occur and that provision is decomposition which again in mercy fits perfectly within the natural cycle of nature which encompasses new birth, aging and death. A day will come when death shall no longer be part of this natural cycle, where aging will contribute to greater perfection and glory rather than wrinkles and creaks.


Anonymous said...

We think of germs as "bad" because they are. Microbes which cause death and disease are, in the original sense of the word, evil. However, they are not wicked. Modernity, or at the very least modern English, has lost the distinction between evil (that which is destructive) and wicked (that which is immoral). This is why the prophet Amos says (in the form of a rhetorical question) that God does evil (Amos 3:6). So, in short, it would be best to say that germs are bad, but not immoral.

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Marie said...

Germs may not be bad, but their effects are. If man had not sinned there would not be death and sickness in the world and germs would serve only their original purpose in nature (whatever that is depending on the nature of the germ).