Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh, How I Long For The Ancient Faith Of My Fathers

The demons adore modernity and its dissipating influence on the church.
Modernity is anti-Christianity.
Modernity is mind numbing and mind stimulating.
Modernity entices with a display of imagery that entertainingly molds and mesmerizes with the precepts and tenets of anti-Christianity.
Modernity leads the unknowing unthinking modern man like a cow to the slaughterhouse.

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Anonymous said...

That's absurd -- Orthodoxy and Catholicism are anti-modern, but the individuated patterns of modernity are more consistent with the original liberating message of Christ. And actually what seems to be written in these pithy statements is exactly the opposite of truth, and would be more aptly applied to the world's archaic Christian denominations.
-- Calvin Luther