Monday, October 12, 2009

The Demons Have Icons Too

Mankind thrives on images. Images delight us, entertain us, inspire us, grieve us, anger us and all in all have a tremendous influence on our daily lives. Images enter into our minds through the eyes and begin to permeate our very being affecting how we think, act and live. Images have a powerful influence on mankind and rightly so for this is how God made us. He gave us ears to hear with, eyes to see with, hands to touch with, feet to walk with and on and on and on, every part of our being having been given to us as a blessing with which to enjoy Him and His good gifts to us. Our God delights in giving to His children for this is love and God is love.

Modern man loves images as well and has surrounded himself with them via the television, the cinema, the billboard, magazines and newspapers but these are for the most part corrupt images which defile the heart, the mind and the flesh.

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, man was given divine images for sake of blessing us with a means by which to assist us in our contemplation of His holiness, love and mercy. It is through the Orthodox icons that man is taught the wonders of God and the salvation wrought for us through Jesus Christ, His Son. These holy icons ought to be with us everywhere, in our homes, our cars, our businesses, in the public marketplaces and anywhere man congregates. Most of all, they should fill our churches, covering the walls, the windows and the ceilings for their presence will be all awe-inspiring drawing our attention to things not of this world which is most necessary for securing our salvation.

Worldly images draw us into this world.
Worldly images transport us away from God.
Worldly images steal away from holiness.
Worldly images defile us.
Worldly images distract us from salvation.
Worldly images lead us into darkness.
Worldly images harden our hearts.
Worldly images weaken our resolve.
Worldly images are tool of demons.

The holy icons inspire us.
The holy icons lead us into prayer and contemplation.
The holy icons reveal the beauty and majesty of God.
The holy icons teach us the way of salvation.
The holy icons embolden us.
The holy icons usher us into the heavenlies.
The holy icons provide us protection.
The holy icons draw us to the Kingdom of God.

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