Sunday, October 4, 2009

Man Doesn't Know What He Doesn't Know!

Man cannot attain correct knowledge, undistorted observation or clear discernment without the illumination of the Holy Spirit of God. All men are created in the image of God but not all men live in the reflection of that image. There are two classes of men who reside on this earth; those who live their lives as friends of God and those who don't and within each of these two camps reside subjects who suffer from sundry delusional, deceptive and distorted thoughts of varying degrees. " All have sinned, all are broken, all fall short of living in the fullness of what God intended for us. There is none who do good, no, not even one. God looked to and fro upon the earth and found none who truly sought after Him." As mind boggling as it is, this is a universal principle unaffected by time save for the redemptive work of Christ upon the cross and had it not been for this awesome and incomprehendible act, none, absolutely none of us would be good for anything but the dung heap of eternity.

So, how can it be that man made in the image of God, made to live forever in the fellowship and joy of the Lord could fall into such darkness away from the sweet communion of the Holy Trinity? The answer is simple and it is clear. It was triggered by a collective effort of the cunningness of the devil and the free will of man which God bestowed on us so that we could experience what love is, which is what God is, always has been and always will be.

The question which comes to mind after contemplating this truth is this; "How can God who is love allow for such suffering that has come upon the earth since our fall?" I will tell you the answer. It is because God created us to commune with Him and in so doing He gave us the freedom to choose, otherwise we couldn't know what true love is and there is nothing greater in the universe than true love. This love can be defined simply as, "Giving up all that one has for the sake of another". If this one simple principle were to be applied by all men everywhere, we would be living in a perfect world. The good news is that all who truly seek to know and experience this love will one day actually get to live in it, in a perfect world with a perfect body in perfect union with the Holy Trinity and all mankind and those who don't desire this love will live in a place of perpetual existence experiencing whatever else it is that their heart may have desired. The only problem is that they will be living in this new habitation of their own choosing without the fleshly bodies that they once knew on the earth thus creating quite a dilemma in their quest for sex, riches and power which could only be available to them in their old bodies, thus they will experience great torment for the desires will be present in their mind but the ability to carry out those desires will be non-existent. This frustrating experience has been described most accurately as a perpetual "weeping and gnashing of teeth".

Why would anyone to whom life has been bequeathed not turn to the living and almighty God to escape such a torment? There is no logical answer to this question. Man is a broken creature and in his brokenness, nothing makes sense and as a consequence of man's fall, all his reasoning has been enslaved to his master, the devil and his servants, the demons.

Thus is the condition of mankind up to the present day and it will continue to be so until the day life as we know it ends on this earth. This end will come, not because God has caused it but because mankind has quickened it having brought ruin and havoc upon the entire earth and it will be as an act of mercy towards His beloved chosen ones that God will bring it all to a close so that those who seek after life may forever be with Him and those who seek after life apart from God may forever be with the devil and his demons who share in their corrupt desires.

So you may be thinking to yourself, "I know this, it is simple theology" and my response would be, "Yes it is simple theology but how do you know what you know and how much of what you think you know do you not know?" Here is where it gets downright scary. Think about this; the one enthroned over this world, is not Jesus Christ, it is the prince of the power of the air. So, if the prince of the power of the air is in charge, what does that mean for the human race? It means that he and his invisible demons who have great powers to deceive, delude, distort and mislead are actively working in all places everywhere on this earth to bring all men into servitude to him and it matters not to him if you do it in ignorance or in knowledge. Here is a mystery though. Jesus is the Lord of all, yet not all acknowledge Him as Lord. So then if He is lord of all, why does He not lord it over all? It all goes back to free choice, free will and the basic premise that God in mercy, kindness and love, gave mankind the ability to make his own choices. So, in the midst of this seeming chaos, God has provided an escape from enslavement to the devil and the path to deliverance lies within the holy Eastern Orthodox Church.

It is in the Eastern Orthodox Church that you will receive illumination, power and protection so that you may escape the schemes and plans of the devil. Those who reside outside this holy, catholic and apostolic church can only hope for God's mercy as they clamor about as blind and deaf men seeking for meaning, truth and salvation. The devil will play with you as cat plays with a mouse and you know the end of that story.

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