Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Decrees Of The Church Will Stand Until The Return Of Christ And Cannot Be Dismissed By The Mere Whims Of Men Acting Like Idiots!

 “I venerate the first four Ecumenical Councils equally with the Four Gospels (sicut quatuor Evangelia),”
St. Gregory the Great is recognized as one of the three great theologians of the church.  Born 540Ad Died 604AD

 St. Paul “says of Jacob (Heb. xi. 21), ‘He worshipped the top of his staff,’ and like to this is that said by Gregory, surnamed the theologian, ‘Revere Bethlehem and worship the manger.’  But who of those truly understanding the Divine Scriptures would suppose that here was intended the Divine worship of latria?  Such an opinion could only be entertained by an idiot or one ignorant of Scriptural and Patristic knowledge.  Would Jacob give divine worship to his staff?  Or would Gregory, the theologian, give command to worship as God a manger!”

The Seventh Council defined that the worship of “latria “was never to be given to any but God alone, it cut off all possibility for idolatry, mariolatry, iconolatry, or any other “latry” except “theo-latry.”  If therefore any of these other “latries” exist or ever have existed, they exist or have existed not in accordance with, but in defiance of, the decree of the Second Council of Nice.

Americans are an insolent breed indeed, expressing great disdain for all monarchies including that particular one of a heavenly sort and it shows in our negligent and impious attitude and constraint of right worship of the King of all kings.  Yet, we arrogant Americans are more prone to hypocritically consider ourselves each a king and this is revealed corporately by the manner in which we habitually and historically impose ourselves with force, cunning and deception upon each other and all nations of the world. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Is Invisible, Induces Death And Destruction On An Unprecedented Scale While The General Population Is Oblivious To It's Presence? Either Answer Is Correct.

FUKUSHIMA? This is old news folks, don't even bother with it...Idaho rain measures 14,000% above big deal, really.

by Gary Greenfield on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 8:00pm
Hey this is old news but wait a second, if the radiation was that bad then what is it now? Nobody knows because the EPA doesn't think there's a problem; I mean you've seen one meltdown, you've seen them all, what's another here and another there and maybe another one over there. See, if the EPA doesn't tell us there's a problem, then hey! there's no problem! Just like those nasty demons, you can't see them so of course they don't exist, now do they?  Don't worry, be happy and forget about those quaint sayings like, "if you have your health, you have everything". Hey, I'm here to tell you, money is much more important than health and actually, you see the saying really goes like this, "If you don't have your health, you don't have your money either" because they figured how to steal both of them from you, as a matter a fact you're better off dead as far as "they" are concerned; population control is very serious issue you know...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scientists - Blind Leading The Blind

"What means, do you think, did the Lord use to explain to the Jews the reason for their not believing in Him? The means he used was to tell them the truth. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not (John 8:45). The lie became, as it is said, their flesh and blood, and made them unable to receive the truth. Why do people not believe today? For the same reason; the Lord speaks the truth; this is why they do not believe. But how can this be? Are they not all scientists, and don’t they talk only about the truth? They have many words, but no deeds. They spin their systems as a spider spins its web, only they don’t notice the flimsiness. The principles of their systems are groundless, and their conclusions cannot be proved; but they are satisfied with them nevertheless. There has become such a demand for hypotheses that it seems they alone make up the entire content of their minds, and this is reputed to be solid education. They apply the fog of their dreams to the few facts they have procured; and these facts appear in this fog totally different from what they are in reality. Nevertheless, this is all reputed to be the sphere of immutable truth. So their mind has gone rotten, and its taste has been ruined! How can it contain the truth? And so they do not believe the Lord, Who speaks only the truth."    St. Theophan the Recluse

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sainted Athanasias the Great, Archbishop of Alexandria 376AD

There was a moment in time in the church when St. Athanasias remained the only bishop faithful to Christ, whereas all the other bishops had devieated into heresy.  Just as God remained faithful and preserved His church then, He will remain faithful and preserve us lowly ones now.  He always has and always will.