Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Moderns Have Many Lessons To Learn From Nature

"Contemporary agriculture treats Mother-Earth like a whore and rapes her.  All year round it scrapes away her skin and poisons it with artificial fertilizer, for which we have to thank a science that has lost all connection with Nature"  Viktor Schauberger  

As we treat the earth, so we treat one another and any and every observation of nature and our interaction with it will reveal and enlighten for us what is really going on with mankind.  We moderns are so full of ourselves and what we think we know, yet the more knowledge we acquire, the dumber we become.  Our scientists are deranged fools, our physicists are truly lost in space, our college professors are talking heads with no brains and our theologians have received their doctorates from demons.  

Modernity and its seemingly great accomplishments is the greatest con ever perpetrated in the history of the world and it could only be pulled off by the greatest con in the history of the world.  He has always been the greatest con and will continue to be the greatest con until God Almighty casts him into the lake of fire reserved for him and his fallen angels. 

In the meantime he continues to dazzle and confound the masses by choosing unsuspecting men in high places through whom to work his magic.  These albeit innocent men believe with all their heart they are serving mankind, blazing new trails of enlightenment, bringing light to the masses when all they are doing is gathering the sheep for the great slaughter and this delusion will continue until it is too late to turn back and then he who they thought was the Great Shepard will cast off his disguise and in great derision will sound forth uproariously with howl of screeching laughter that will crush and destroy the spirit of every man in his presence.  

The moral of the story is that heresy has born nothing but death for our society and it has saturated every fibre of our being.  Our only hope is to repent and return to the way of the ancients, the way of our early apostolic church fathers, to the precious traditions of the church (not of men and there is a difference)  and to begin to embrace a right belief.  Repentance always has consequences and the loss of earthly goods and security is an absolute necessity if you are going  to gain entrance to the Kingdom of God.  Are you ready for that?



elgreca262 said...

ok this is harsh and somewhat extreme with its accusations. more importantly aside from a few lost scientists more agree that the more they learn the more convienced they are of God. as for the college professors i'll giv eyou that one. I must say i head brain surgery two years ago and i thank God for all the medical advances that didn't come at the cost of an embryo.

Gary Greenfield said...

Thank you for your opinion and I do agree with you in that it is harsh and extreme. The thought that comes to mind is that extreme circumstances require extreme actions but then again, perhaps I am speaking in the flesh rather than in the Spirit. I am often times a fool in my behavior and can only plead to God for mercy.

I am of the opinion that academia, science, medicine and the church will only become further removed from truth with time. This isn't to say that good men won't be doing goods but overall I do believe we are doomed and even though there is so much good that could be done with technology, for the most part it is used for destruction.

Jon Paul Pope said...

Mr. Greenfield,

Remember me? I worked at Bucer's for a brief time in 2002--made brief by a general "bohemian" lifestyle that characterized that year of my life--I have grown up a bit since then!

I'm glad to see that you are well. I'm also glad to tell you that last Pentecost, my wife, my three small children, and myself began our new life in Christ at St. Andrew The Apostle Antiochian Orthodox Church in Pensacola, FL.

I'm sure there is a lot of overlap in our reasons for leaving the Reformed Protestant Church and embracing Orthodoxy. I noticed in another post that you met Matthew Steenberg at Bucer's. That's so cool. I've been reading for the past couple years. You may have already seen this, but here is a great video of a lecture by Dcn. Matthew:

Anyway, I just found your blog tonight, and I'll definitely check back from time to time. God bless you.

Jonathan Pope