Monday, March 16, 2009

Centrifugal Force - Godly Fact or Manly Fiction?

Which is natural and thus of God and which is unnatural and thus of man; centrifugal or centripetal actions?  The centrifugal principle is an explosive action projecting matter from an organized state into a disorganized state.  I would propose that this is not a natural condition but is a man induced action which is not consistent with the natural order of the universe.  To prove this theory we need only observe earthly and universal phenomena.  For instance, what occurs when you pull the plug out of the bath tub drain?  The water naturally creates a vortex flowing in a centripetal motion drawing in on itself and creating energy as it flows down the drain.  The forces of a hurricane, a tornado or a typhoon could be described in a similar fashion in that these energies are drawn inward creating a tremendous amount of force and compressed energy displaying a centripetal action.  The galaxies also reveal a centripetal motion in that we can observe matter rotating towards a center point much like a hurricane.  Black holes as well reveal the sheer cosmic power of centripetal action much like water flowing through the drain of a giant cosmic bath tub.

As we consider this phenomena, is there any proof of a centrifugal force occurring in nature apart from man?  Centrifugal forces in as much as I understand them are associated with explosions such as in the combustion engine, atomic fission and incendiary devices with all of these actions producing toxic fallout of varying proportions.  Centrifugal actions do not fit within the natural cycles of life, rejuvenation or regeneration whereas centripetal forces create clean and structured energy fitting splendidly into the natural cycles of life although it should be noted that hurricanes, tornados and typhoons are able to create tremendous energies that contribute to a restructuring of nature, never the less, they are natural forces with no toxic consequences. 

So, why am I talking about centripetal and centrifugal forces in a blog that is devoted to Orthodoxy?   Because Orthodoxy is all about right thinking, right belief, right doctrine and right worship and heresy is all about distorting truth and the conclusion we can draw from this observation is that if it isn't orthodox it's heresy.  There is no in-between existence although the ecumenical movement would prefer that we believe otherwise.  

As I discuss this subject, I need to emphasize that I am not in any stretch of the imagination a scholar or an authority on science, creation, the Bible or Orthodoxy.  I am just a fool with a blog who occasionally enjoys sharing his feeble thoughts as well as posting the wonderful wisdom of our ancient fathers.  So, I will continue to contemplate my mental wanderings.  As we all know, all perspectives on how the universe and the earth began, evolved or came into existence are merely speculations based on observations of nature and the question I have is this, "Why is it that man would even begin to entertain a big bang theory based on the so-called principle of centrifugalism?".  The only 'big bangs' observed in nature are those created by man.  All other observations of nature reveal a centripetal force at work which would indicate that all matter has always been observed to revolve in a circular inward motion moving towards a center point.  This force and corresponding action are undeniable and irrefutable, whereas centrifugal force has no natural occurrence anywhere in the observable universe of inner space or outer space, at least in as much as my feeble mind is able to comprehend.

In saying this, I am not even beginning to address the subject of where matter came from in the first place, although I think it would be appropriate to state that all matter originally generated as vibrational energies emanating from the mind of God and those vibrational energies have been manifest to us as observable matter in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, masses, textures, colors and variations of life form.  

It is also apparent from observing nature that she seeks equilibrium and order so long as life energies are present and as those vibrational energies seemingly fade, living matter begins to break down towards disorder, yet from a disordered and decaying state, this de-energized matter wonderously continues to contribute to the cycles of nature sacrificially contributing it's transmuted and re-energized properties to other life forms.  Thus there is a continual and balanced building up and breaking down process that occurs in nature and in some mysterious manner, the forces of centripetal action contribute to this balanced restructuring of the vibrational energies of nature present within the entire universe.  Again, in observing nature, it would appear that centripetal movements contribute to the cycle of life while centrifugal forces disrupt the cycle of life and thus appear contrary to nature.

What I am proposing in this little dialogue is that all disciplines of science as well as any academic discipline are heretical unless they are founded on an orthodox premise and any belief that deviates from an orthodox premise is really a propagation of the Evil One introduced to mankind as reality which is actually a distraction from what is true and sound doctrine, belief and understanding.  Thus, I would propose that centrifugal force is but one more creation of the Devil embraced by mankind to keep us in a state of confusion thus obscuring our vision so that we are not able to grasp or comprehend the magnificent mysteries of creation because if we did understand them correctly, we would be creating clean energy based on centripetal principles that fit within the natural cycle of nature.  Ultimately, this shortcoming reveals two facts; the Evil One's preoccupation with inflicting death and suffering on manikind and our broken condition which inhibits us from enjoying more fully the benefits that God has gifted to us as His beloved children.


elgreca262 said...

great. wonderful. continue.
when you speak of ecumenical i assume you speak about the churches move to embrace many christian demoninations and not the need for orthodox juristictions to come together and recognize the ecumenical patriarchate. we would differ greatly on that matter.

sftommy said...

I would suggest that there is no such thing as disorder only limits to mans ability to comprehend God's order as it plays itself out. It ALL makes sense to God and one needs only faith that God has a role for each of us.

Gary Greenfield said...

God's natural order was perfect and man since the fall and in his unfaithfulness has brought disorder to the world. Yes, all makes sense to God but man is a senseless creature and his sinfulness confirms his senseless condition which is further incited by the evil one. Disorder occurs as man practices sin and God allows for us to do as we wish because He gave us free will and were it not for His infinite mercy, surely our world would be in a much more disordered state.