Monday, March 30, 2009

NATO Bombing Of Serbia 10 Years Ago, Code Name: "Merciful Angel"

What did these Orthodox people do to bring the wrath of the West against them and what sick group of people would call an unwarranted 78 day bombing siege of innocent civilians, "Merciful Angel"?  I am ashamed to be an American for we are a nation of war mongers, who go about in the name of God destroying, maiming, torturing and lying.  We Christians mourn over the abortion holocaust but the real holocaust are the heresies that opened the door for abortion to become a legal right in this nation.  Abortion, war mongering and materialism are the consequences of a false belief system and this American nation was built on a foundation of false beliefs and heresy. When Christ cast demons into the wilderness, they were sent to this continent where they patiently waited for men to come who would embrace their strategies of war against the apple of God's eye, the Orthodox people.   

For every action of man, there is a reaction of God and America will reap what it sows and we will have to pay for every unjust, immoral and violent act that we have inflicted upon the nations of this world.  We are a false light to the nations, a wolf in sheep's clothing, spreading disease, famine and suffering to every corner of the world and our actions have absolutely nothing to do with righteousness and absolutely everything to do with wickedness.  Our father is Satan and America is the apple of his eye.  Oh Lord Jesus Christ, come quickly and have mercy on us.

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