Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unidentified Flying Object Or Identified Flying Object?

What are we to make of UFO's?  The mere mention of UFO's brings up images of extraterrestrials and demons evoking confusion and wonder.  Actually, research and development of these flying machines began in Austria and Germany early in the 20th century and development was accelerated during the years of Nazi reign.  Victor Schauberger, one of the great minds of this last century was one of the chief engineers working on the development of flying saucers using technology that few understood in his time or even now and unfortunately he has been left to dwell in obscurity having died a penniless and broken man.  Victor's genius saw in nature a potential for clean, silent and awesome power never before known by man.  He was a man of extraordinary insight and perception into the mysterious workings of nature, water and levitation and he learned of these truths unknown by most even in our day by simply observing natural phenomena in a pristine environment.  The development of his amazing flying machine was cut short by the defeat of Germany and whatever evidence not destroyed by the Nazis was gathered up by Russian and American military.  Our military continued to do secret research and development on these flying machines for many years after the war.  I am of the opinion that this clean, silent and powerful technology was so unusual and advanced compared to our archaic fire breathing combustible engines that it was finally scraped due to the influence of the petroleum, power, aircraft and auto industries.   I also think it was in their best interest to perpetuate the myth of UFO's being associated with demons and extraterrestrials because in doing so, it created a rabbit trail to keep the focus off of technology that would have shaken the foundation of so-called modern society, requiring a rewriting of all textbooks and a retooling of all assembly lines in just about every factory in the world that had anything to do with power and transportation.  Bizarre as my analysis may seem,  the behavior of big industry and our government is consistent with the brokenness of our world while at the same time revealing what life would be like on this planet if mankind wasn't so corrupt.  

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