Monday, March 2, 2009

Cancer - A Sign Of The Times

Cancer has been so effective and unassailable because for more than one hundred years its actual cause has been camelflouged by medical science. The demons inciting the passions of greedy men within the medical establishment have enabled these corrupt and perverse men to effectively maintain that cancer is a mystery disease and so long as it remains a mystery disease the medical establishment will reap billions of dollars from unsuspecting, innocent, suffering human beings. A sick patient is worth much more to these men than a healthy patient. While a human being is not seen as sacred anymore, they are definitely seen as valuable. 

What is happening within the medical community is also occurring within every human institution in America and is rapidly spreading across the entire world. In biology, physics, food and nutrition, business, chemistry, engineering, history, religion, government and every other institution, it is the same story of deception, corruption and cover-ups all for the sake of greed. Money truly is the root of most evil and it is a grievous thought to consider that America has set a standard for the world and the world is following our lead into a depth of depravity as yet unknown in the history of mankind. The world is rapidly being prepared for the coming of the antichrist and America is at the vanguard preparing the way.

I have no doubt that most will read this and shake their heads in disbelief and consider that I have grossly and mistakenly over reacted, yet the truth will eventually be known and by then it will be too late for the damage will have already been done and that is something each of us will have to live with. I am only doing what God has put on my heart to do and that is to shine His light in a dark world to warn of the great deception that is upon us at the very moment and only increasing with each day that passes.

The antichrist will have the ability to deceive all mankind including many of God's elect. Yet, in saying this, our God has not left us without a voice crying in the wilderness, a watchman sounding the trumpet or the fool mocking the hard hearted and proud who could not recognize reality even if it were as an elephant lounging in their living room. The time will come when we will wish that the rocks of the mountains would fall on us for the suffering that is coming upon the entire world will be very great indeed. At least we can be comforted in knowing that the greater the suffering, the closer will be His coming. O Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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