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St. Basil the Great And Flat Earth

This is a splendid work spilling over with refreshing waters of truth from one of the great teachers and illuminators of truth given to the Church for her edification and sanctity. 

St. Basil gifted and inspired by God lays for us a firm, immovable foundation on which to stand and if we so choose to stand on that foundation, we will not be moved by any force from any place beside, below or above.

Glory to God for His perfect provisions for His people that we should never thirst or hunger for He has given us St. Basil as a protector and shepherd to guide, help and feed us as we journey through the green peaceful pastures and the hard, steep, rocky terrains of this world.

The Hexaemeron Homily II

by St. Basil the Great

"In the beginning God created the heavens and earth"

Question: Why do heavy objects fall to the ground, such as an apple from a tree which Newton describes as evidence of gravity?

Answer: Gravity is only a theory to support a globe earth. On a flat earth as Basil explains it is simply weight or density that causes such an action.

7. “Now, as according to their nature, heaven occupies the higher and earth the lower position in space, (one sees, in fact, that all which is light ascends towards heaven, and heavy substances fall to the ground); as therefore height and depth are the points the most opposed to each other it is enough to mention the most distant parts to signify the inclusion of all which fills up intervening Space.”

Question: Does the earth spin at 1,000 mph while orbiting the sun at 60,000 mph and traveling through a so-called vast universe at 500,000 mph as is taught by modern science or is the earth set immovable on a foundation?

Question: Do not ‘supports’ imply immovableness?

Question: Does not the earth ‘resting upon itself', imply stillness?

9. "Do you suppose that a heavier body prevents the earth from falling into the abyss? Then you must consider that this support needs itself a support to prevent it from failing. Can we imagine one? Our reason again demands yet another support, and thus we shall fall into the infinite, always imagining a base for the base which we have already found. And the further we advance in this reasoning the greater force we are obliged to give to this base, so that it may be able to support all the mass weighing upon it. Put then a limit to your thought, so that your curiosity in investigating the incomprehensible may not incur the reproaches of Job, and you be not asked by him, "Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened?" If ever you hear in the Psalms, "I bear up the pillars of it;" see in these pillars the power which sustains it. Because what means this other passage, "He hath founded it upon the sea," if not that the water is spread all around the earth? How then can water, the fluid element which flows down every declivity, remain suspended without ever flowing? You do not reflect that the idea of the earth suspended by itself throws your reason into a like but even greater difficulty, since from its nature it is heavier. But let us admit that the earth rests upon itself, or let us say that it rides the waters, we must still remain faithful to thought of true religion and recognize that all is sustained by the Creator's power. Let us then reply to ourselves, and let us reply to those who ask us upon what support this enormous mass rests, "In His hands are the ends of the earth." It is a doctrine as infallible for our own information as profitable for our hearers.”

Question: Does the phrase, “the world never falls”, imply it is not falling, it is not moving?

Question: Is the sun the center of our universe as is taught by modern science?

10. “Do not then be surprised that the world never falls: it occupies the centre of the universe, its natural place."

Comment: This statement changes all the rules of modern science! The scientists of our day are painting St. Basil as the fool and themselves as the wise men. 
"The earth was invisible and unfinished"

Question: Does the earth revolve around the sun as is taught by modern science or does the sun revolve around the earth?

Comment: Modern science throws us off track by claiming that the sun is 93 millions miles away with a 432,000 mile radius. The ancients measured the sun as the same size as the moon with a 32 mile radius and approximately 3,000 miles up in the heavens."

8. "Thus, every time that, in the revolution of the sun, evening and morning occupy the world, their periodical succession never exceeds the space of one day."

On the Firmament

Comment: The firmament above appears as a spherical or concave body to us as we look up but it is not necessarily convex on the other side such as is the case with a cave which appears to us as concave but on the other side is a mass of rock and not convex and could very well even be a body of water under which is located a cavernous space. Such may be the scenario in which we live. 

No one has ever seen the other side of the firmament because it is impenetrable. The luminaries are all contained within the first heaven which is contained within and under the firmament."

4. "And God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters front the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament." Before laying hold of the meaning of Scripture let us try to meet objections from other quarters. We are asked how, if the firmament is a spherical body, as it appears to the eye, its convex circumference can contain the water which flows and circulates in higher regions? What shall we answer? One thing only: because the interior of a body presents a perfect concavity it does not necessarily follow that its exterior surface is spherical and smoothly rounded. Look at the stone vaults of baths, and the structure of buildings of cave form; the dome, which forms the interior, does not prevent the roof from having ordinarily a flat surface. Let these unfortunate men cease, then, from tormenting us and themselves about the impossibility of our retaining water in the higher regions.”

Question: Modern science claims we live on a sphere. If this is so, given the natural God endowed qualities of water, how is that the waters don’t fall off the face of the earth as would be seen in a simple experiment when water is poured over a globular object? Who will you trust, modern science or St. Basil?

Comment: The natural attraction of water is to flow downwards and to rest upon the earth, (not under or beside a globe), filling whatever cavity it inhabits always seeking for equilibrium.

5. "But let us continue our explanation: "Let it divide the waters from the waters." The mass of waters, which from all directions flowed over the earth, and was suspended in the air, was infinite, so that there was no proportion between it and the other elements. Thus, as it has been already said, the abyss covered the earth. We give the reason for this abundance of water. None of you assuredly will attack our opinion; not even those who have the most cultivated minds, and whose piercing eye can penetrate this perishable and fleeting nature; you will not accuse me of advancing impossible or imaginary theories, nor will you ask me upon what foundation the fluid rests. By the same reason which makes them attract the earth, heavier than water, from the extremities of the world to suspend it in the centre, they will grant us without doubt that it is due both to its natural attraction downwards and its general equilibrium, that this immense quantity of water rests motionless upon the earth.”

Comment: The sun travels from one region to the next. Note that St. Basil doesn’t say that the earth travels around the sun but just the contrary, the sun travels around the earth.

7. "Besides, we see that the great wisdom of Him who governs all, makes the sun travel from one region to another, for fear that, if it remained always in the same place, its excessive heat would destroy the order of the universe. Now it passes into southern regions about the time of the winter solstice, now it returns to the sign of the equinox; from thence it betakes itself to northern regions during the summer solstice, and keeps up by this imperceptible passage a pleasant temperature throughout all the world.”

Comment: I would suggest that the translator of this particular text had a bias to assume that St. Basil meant planet when he most likely meant earth."

7  "thanks to the singular virtue of this planet...”

Here is the definition of a planet:

Planet - a celestial body distinguished from the fixed stars by having an apparent motion of its own... a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star.

Note: The historical definition of the word planet is not synonymous with globe or sphere and modern science even admits that the definition of the word, ‘planet’ is evolving, which is convenient for their ever changing models.

This definition is contrary to all St. Basil wrote on the this subject. Throughout his writings, he refers to the sun, moon and stars as luminaries and discs revolving around a fixed earth.

Additionally, modern science further confuses the true nature of creation by referring to the planets as celestial bodies rather than stars, luminaries or discs. The Church Fathers oftentimes refer to these so called planets as wandering stars or luminaries.

The Hexaemeron

Homily IV

by St. Basil the Great

"Upon the gathering together of the waters"

1. "Heaven, poised like a dome, to quote the words of the prophet; earth, this immense mass which rests upon itself...”

Comment: Here again we see reference to a dome which contains the first heaven above. As St. Basil stated earlier in this discourse, a dome has a foundation upon which it is firmly situated and that foundation is the earth.

Here again, the earth is resting upon itself...Does this infer that the earth is spinning on an axis faster than a speeding bullet while at the same time hurling though the universe at an inconceivable speed of 60,000 mph while our universe is moving even faster through space at an incomprehensible 500,000 mph? This scenario painted by modern science is pure lunacy mocking the gullibility of mankind, the Scriptures, the Holy Fathers and the Lord Himself."

2. " Hear then how Scripture explains itself. "Let the waters be gathered together, and let the dry land appear." The veil is lifted and allows the earth, hitherto invisible, to be seen. Perhaps you will ask me new questions. And first, is it not a law of nature that water flows downwards? Why, then, does Scripture refer this to the fiat of the Creator? As long as water is spread over a level surface, it does not flow; it is immovable. But when it finds any slope, immediately the foremost portion falls, then the one that follows takes its place, and that one is itself replaced by a third. Thus incessantly they flow, pressing the one on the other, and the rapidity of their course is in proportion to the mass of water that is being carried, and the declivity down which it is borne. If such is the nature of water, it was supererogatory to command it to gather into one place. It was bound, on account of its natural instability, to fall into the most hollow part of the earth and not to stop until the leveling of its surface. We see how there is nothing so level as the surface of water.”

Comment: Here St. Basil provides us with a beautiful definition of water which is contrary to what modern science would have to believe about water. Modern science tells us that water flows upwards or north in steams and rivers yet this is contrary to nature. On a sphere water contradicts the laws of nature by flowing upward whenever it is flowing north but we don’t live on a sphere, we live on a flat earth, therefore water may flow north and still be flowing downward.

Modern science would have to believe that water naturally curves around a spherical earth again contradicting the law of nature which states that water always levels itself.
St. Basil teaches that water doesn’t stop flowing until a leveling surface is created. Whatever space water fills, it always seek to level itself. He even goes so far as to say that nothing is so level as the surface of water. This is why builders have always used a bubble in water to determine a perfect level.

All bodies of water on the earth are level because we live on a flat earth. This is a sensible, logical and intelligent statement.

Glory to St. Basil for enabling us to maintain sanity and reason in a world gone mad.

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