Friday, December 4, 2015

The Scourge Of Modern Culture

Isolationism is a mind and heart destroying disease which is subtly fragmenting mankind and isolating each of us from one another. The war cry of this disease is, "Divide and conquer". This strategy is at work within the human heart and mind trickling down to and infecting the entire earth. 

As a predator seeks to separate its prey from the herd before it moves in for the kill, so it is with the disease of isolationism. The disease is infecting all mankind and the communication technologies are the primary vehicles used to infiltrate its host.   

Texting, twittering, emailing, video and TV are representative forms of this pathogen. These communication technologies are now the norm and despite the benefits of convenience, the downside is resulting in people being dealt with as digitised entities of synthetic energy forms that are neither natural or real.  

The technologies that support these digitised forms of interaction are in and of themselves facilitated by energies that interrupt all natural life systems contributing to sickness, disease and ultimately death whether it is bees, birds, animals or man.

The disease of isolationism has also infected sciences by dividing every field of study into separate disciplines. By doing so lines of communication are cut and interaction between disciplines are minimised. The end result is biological systems no longer being congruent and holistic but fragmented and independent resulting in retardation, perversity and chaos instead of coordination, order and structure.

Isolationism is a limb of modern culture which is leading to a bleak and lonely future and its destruction is immanent but out of the ashes will arise something beautiful, something that has been lost to this modern world of plastics, chemicals and faux wood. 

All that which is false will burn up in the end, it will disintegrate, it will vaporise, it will cease to ever be known again while that which is  true, right and good will stand and the fires of devastation will only make more pure that which is true, right and good. 

For some the future will be bright and beautiful filled with joy and peace while for others the future will be dark and ugly filled with weeping and gnashing of teeth. Where you will be then will be determined by where you are now. Where are you, do you know?

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