Sunday, January 17, 2016

Death Conquered Death

The tree that conquered Adam of old
Is the tree that conquered death foretold

The wood that darkened Adam of old
Is the wood illumining all who behold

Adam and Solomon were easily swayed
So it has been for every age

The tempter of old ruled the hearts of men
Not knowing that his time would soon end

Adam of new went forth conquering
The tempter lost his sway among men

Adam fell to promises false
Christ fell but to promises true

All far and near must pass by the gates
The unquenchable heat and flames thereof

Though you be singed, will you live?
As you pass the demons way

Two men of old, they did prevail
Not a hair was burned nor smoke was smelled

Enoch and Elijah men of renown
Though Satan searched, he found them not

His treasure chest has overflowed
Though riches he disdains

It is only souls of men he seeks
The rich, the poor, the great, the low

It matters not to him of old
He takes them all into his fold

In darkness and dungeons deep
He keeps them there, his treasures to keep

But lo not the gates of hell prevail
Against He who is both mighty and lowly

For no one else could enter in
Yet escape the awesome darkest foe

As bubbles pop upon the froth
The tombs enclosed burst open forth

As light shines forth in brightest beams
Upon the earth and glistening seas

The dead rose up like shining stars
To brighten the heavens for all to see

The gate keeper has been trampled down
The gates he no longer keeps

For He who goes conquering forth
Has forever done away with him

And glorious shall our dwellings be
For those who put their trust in thee.

Ephraim The Syrian, One of the early Church Fathers inspired me to compose this poem.

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