Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"Self-indulgence, self esteem and lack of faith all produce love for material wealth.  The self-indulgent person loves wealth because it enables him to live comfortably; the person full of self-esteem loves it because through it he can gain the esteem of others; the person who lacks faith loves it because, fearful of starvation, old age, disease, or exile, he can save it and hoard it. He puts his trust in wealth rather than in God, the Creator who provides for all creation, down to the least of living things.  

There are three kinds of men who hoard wealth: the three already mentioned and the treasurer. Clearly, it is only the last who conserves it for a good purpose - namely, so as always to have the means of supplying each person's basic needs."

Philokalia II pg 86

Self-indulgence, self esteem and a lack of faith are all enemies of salvation.  Salvation can be lost by neglecting the poor.  The riches of this world will pass away and their possessors will become the paupers of heaven while the poor suffer momentarily awaiting heavenly treasures and eternal riches.

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