Thursday, April 14, 2011


Don't turn away from this; it's reality, it's humanity, it's the consequences of our brokenness.  No man is an island; we are all connected and if we think we can turn away, walk on the other side of the street, or be distracted with the evening news, the most recent movie release or another thriller novel; it will only prolong what we need to face right now.  If we avoid suffering, if we cover up the unpleasantness, the pain, the heartache; what good will it do? If will only prolong the inevitable. Jesus didn't turn away and in His strength we needn't turn away either.  Our modern culture hides from death, from deformity, from ugliness and all that is real.  We want the plastic, the sterile, the painted and the digitized for it covers up the sin, the brokenness,  the aching heart and reality of what we as a human race have done to ourselves.  God have mercy on us and O Lord Jesus, come quickly and rescue us!

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