Saturday, April 9, 2011


Here's my homegrown terrorist story. In the summer of 2009, while temporarily living in the country on a ranch outside of Bonners Ferry, Idaho only a few miles from where the Randy Weaver incident took place, I was visited by a well groomed older gentleman in western dress who knocked on my apartment door, introducing himself as an out-of-towner from Nevada, explaining that he was visiting the area and considering investing his money into a building in town that he would like to use as a meeting place for a church and low and behold he wanted me to be the pastor! (I am not making this up). Now there was a time in my life many years ago (1982-1995) while living in another Idaho community that I had embraced many idealistic American christian concepts, speaking out against "community evils", being involved in social justice issues and even going so far as to establish an independant christian church which I actually did pastor for thirteen years.  Now mind you, I left all this behind me fifteen years ago and yet this man somehow knew about my past (why else would he be seeking me out?) and he was innovative enough to actually hunt me down and find me in the middle of nowhere in an obscure little town in the northern woods of Idaho!  Now what's wrong with this story?  I will tell you.  In 2007, I started the blog you are now reading and in this blog I occasionally wrote scathing articles about the great evil American empire (uh, oh, did I say that?).  Now, this gentleman didn't mention my blog and he didn't mention my past but somehow he was motivated enough to seek me out to involve me in what I to this day believe was an effort to establish a church that would draw in all the malcontented 'home grown terrorists' for the purpose of either corralling us or/and manipulating us to become implicated in some false flag operation that would serve in the best interests of the political, governmental and corporate neo-nazis (oh, bad word!) that control our country.  After having spent perhaps forty five minutes with this gentleman, quizzing him about his past and turning down his multiple efforts to woo me with money and prestige, he finally gave up and excused himself telling me I was missing out on a great opportunity. After he left, I sat stunned, contemplating how bizarre this incident was and what do you know but that the next day, I recieved an email from this man seeking to convince me yet again to become a part of his plan.  Of course, I turned him down and again (I'm not making this up), the very next day I received an email in broken english from a Muslim terrorist who was supposedly the master mind behind the Bali nightclub bombing (another false flag operation) and he was bragging that he was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List and he was going to kill me if I didn't stop writing inflammatory articles.  That in itself was over the top bizarre and what was even odder is that my writings were more against Zionists and American fascists (dang, forgive me) than they were against Muslims.  It has been years since that incident and this is the first time I have shared it publicly.  Now that my memory has been jogged, I think I will do a email search to see if I saved that flattering murder threat from such a famous and dangerous Ten Most Wanted Listed terrorist!  What a joke! What this country has become is so sick and so sad. sigh....Oh, Lord, forgive us and do come quickly! 

*The icon of Blessed St. Stephan the Martyr is displayed to remind us that sometimes speaking the truth has dire or  perhaps I should say, blessed consequences. 


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