Monday, April 4, 2011


"There are said to be five reasons why God allows us to be assailed by demons. 
1.  By attacking and counter-attacking, we should learn to discriminate between virtue and vice.
2.  Having acquired virtue through conflict and toil, we should keep it secure and immutable.  
3.  Having made progress in virtue, we should not become haughty but learn humility. 
4.  Having gained some experience of evil, we should 'hate it with perfect hatred' (Ps 139:22). 
5.  And most importantly is so that, having achieved dispassion, we should forget neither our own weakness nor the power of Him who has helped us."

"The demons fight against us either through things themselves or through our impassioned conceptual images of these things. They fight through things against those who are occupied with things and through conceptual images against those who are not attached to things."

"Just as it is easier to sin in the mind than in action, so warfare through our impassioned conceptual images of things is harder than warfare through the things themselves."

"If a man doesn't sin in mind, he will never sin in action."

St. Maximos The Confessor - Philokalia II pgs 76 - 77

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