Monday, September 22, 2014

The Great Protestant Cover Up

I have spent some time today reading and contemplating ancient historical texts, regarding the travels of the Apostles and the Seventy and it has been a truly amazing experience. Think about this for a moment; twelve Apostles and the Seventy, not to mention their companions and helpers spread out over the entire known world of their time preaching the gospel, accompanied everywhere with signs and wonders, (as Christ had promised), and wherever they went they appointed bishops to rule and shepherd the masses that were being converted to ensure the ongoing propagation and preservation of the gospel message in their absence.

This first generation of Apostles and Seventy ministered for perhaps a very conservative total of 720 years among them all, if we were to calculate that each of them was active in ministry a mere ten years which of course for most was far short of how long many ministered. For example, the Apostle John lived to be over hundred years old and came to Christ as a young man. So, if we double that number to a conservative twenty years each, we can count it as, say, 1500 cumulative years of preaching with signs and wonders. That is amazingly long span of history and probably still a conservative number! 

Tell me this, how much of this history have you read? How much of this Apostolic history has any Protestant read? Can you enter into a brick and mortar or online Protestant Christian bookstore anywhere and find references to one of the most amazing periods of history in whole span of man's existence on this earth? Can you pull a book off the shelf of any public or university library that refers to the travels and exploits of the greatest men who have ever lived in the history of the world?  Where are these history books? Were none ever written? 

Could it be possible that of all the ancient libraries in the world today, housing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of texts, books and manuscripts, that none would speak of the greatest period of history the world has ever known? Of course not, the texts, the manuscripts, the books are all there, it's just that Protestants ignore them all. To say nothing was recorded for this period of history would be absolutely ludicrous. Yet of the thousands of books, texts and manuscripts that are available from this period of history, the typical Protestant would say, "Oh you can't believe anything but the b-i-b-l-e, that's the book for me!" Do Protestants say that about historical texts from any other period of history? No, they don't. Why not? What's up with that?  I'll tell you what's up with that, it's called, the greatest cover up of all time and it was all perpetrated by the father of lies, the great deceiver, the one who portrays himself as an angel of light, a beacon of truth and a bulwark of faith.  

Modern man and more specifically, Protestants dwell in darkness and have been kept from reading some the most inspirational stories ever recorded in the history of mankind!  What can be said of a supposedly Christian nation and a supposedly Christian church that has kept these blessed historical books, narratives and stories from us?

I'm only scratching the surface here. What of the first 1,000 or so years following the appearance of the Messiah. Cultures of the East refer to this period of history as the golden age of the Church?  This is the period of history when the gospel had such an influence on the world that entire empires were under the righteous rule of Jesus Christ working through great and honorable Christian emperors and rulers. This was a period when art, architecture and science flourished and as matter of fact, all the great advances of the West can be attributed to what came out of the golden age of the Church but they won't tell you that in school. I think that's called, identity theft.

Do you know what Protestants and our American school system call that period of history? Well, I was taught that it was the, 'dark ages' and never once did I hear it referred to as the 'golden age' of history. As a matter of fact, that period of world history is either entirely ignored or left out of the history books or else it is reported and recorded in a manner seekers of truth would call, revisionist history or propagandist history.  

I have been challenged as of late by a Protestant, who has challenged the veracity of the Orthodox Church and as a consequence, I have been inspired to dig deep to better understand the Protestant American mindset, so that I could give a proper defense for the hope that is me. As a result, my faith has been tested by fire repeatedly over the past four months and all I can say is that it is shining brighter than ever.

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