Monday, July 2, 2012

Antichrist And The Coming Apostasy

The Perceptible Universe as a Revelation about Its Creator 

The unbegotten and uncreated God, living in Holy Trinity, being all powerful and wholly perfect, is entirely self sufficient and had no need of created beings. His infinite love, however, longed to have participants in His eternal blessedness. For this reason, God prepared His Heavenly Kingdom and created the celestial beings. 

Love is not coercive, it does not force love from others. All of God’s celestial beings, the angels, were made by Him with free wills. This was necessary so that they could render true voluntary love to their Creator, rather than a mindless, senseless obedience. 

One of the most radiant and powerful of these angels, Lucifer, exercising his free will, chose instead to adore himself rather than God. Because of this self-love he became self-willed, and being self-willed he became ambitious and decided to create a new kingdom in opposition to God’s kingdom, daring to usurp God’s place and power. The consequences of this rebellion are well known to all. Lucifer and his minions were cast out of heaven and today remain as the implacable enemies of God and all His creation. The temptation and disobedience of Lucifer infected many of the angelic beings so that the new kingdom of evil was populated with these devotees of the prince of darkness, the demons. 

Those angels who remained resolute during the destructive temptations were fortified by God’s help and became everlasting sons of truth. 

Because of the Creator’s love the celestial kingdom could not remain lacking and in order to complete its fulfillment God created a new creature, man. Adam and Eve were brought out of nothing into a cosmos specifically created for them, the jewels in the crown of God’s creation. 

The magnificence of the Creator was manifest even in the basic formless, invisible atoms which served as the material for founding all nature and man himself. 

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