Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Blessed are those who dash the children of Babylon against the rocks" Ps.137:9

The Philokalia teaches us that the children of Babylon are the passions. Like children, we nurture, caress and care for them. We look upon them fondly and fail to understand that they will grow into destroyers of souls. Consequently, we are to dash them against the rocks while they are young and weak. If we allow them to abide with us, they will one day overtake us and steal from us the keys of heaven. The three principle passions are riches, pleasure and praise. Conquer these rulers and kings and you will attain honor among angels and be ushered into the Kingdom of God. Suffer defeat at their hands and the demons like vultures will be circling above your soul ready to consume it at the day of your death.

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