Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Synthetic Christ

We moderns have done with Christ, the same as we have done with everything else in this world in which we exist. We have taken the seed of life, sliced it, dissected it and studied it, taking a bit of it for our own and then from that little bit of real life, we have created a synthetic look a like. In the midst of a world created by God for our benefit, we have done the same thing with all of life. We have refused His ways, insisting on creating our own world, our own food, our own medicine, our own clothes, our own religion, our own way of life, living apart from God yet deluding ourselves into thinking this is reality. We have rejected the true God and created an imitation. We have rejected the real world and created an toxic placebo. We have rejected the real purpose for which man has been put upon this earth and embraced a delusion that appears real and feels real but is really just a computer generated image. Pull the plug and it disappears for it has no depth and no connection with a sustainable energy source. We moderns have built a tidy, shiny, impressively appearing civilization on lies, distortions, half truths and delusions. We have become masters at imitating and counterfeiting truth and reality. We have convinced ourselves and the world around us that our creation is reality and that the authentic reality is inadequate to sustain life. We moderns call our rebellion; freedom and enlightenment. The old world, the ancient world, the world of our fathers is of no use to us and must be destroyed for it ties us to the past which keeps us from embracing that hope which is to come. The shining star that led the wise men of the East to Christ, has been replaced with a new star that is leading the wise men of our age to the antichrist and the new world order. The purveyors of this new world order are re-creating civilization, the world and the universe to satisfy their egos and the masses have been become intoxicated with their strong drink. In our drunkenness, we have been incited to rape the virginal maidens of beauty and truth. We have burned to the ground the ancient traditions that were the pillars of our faith. We have pillaged the glorious treasures that through the ages have sustained us in times of famine and war. Our society has entered into a period of desolation and abomination from which there is no return.

This is a time in which the inhabitants of the heavenlies, the Holy Trinity, the Mother of God, the saints of old with all the holy angels look mournfully upon the earth. Yet in their mourning for our souls, they are ready and able to save those of us who perhaps will come to our senses to call out to the heavenlies for salvation so that we might escape from this insanity of life, we call modernity.

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