Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Apostle James - Brother of Christ

Saint James presided over the Council of the Apostles at Jerusalem, and his word was decisive (Acts 15). In his thirty years as bishop the Apostle James converted many of the Jews to Christianity. Annoyed by this, the Pharisees and the Scribes plotted together to kill Saint James. Having led the saint up on the roof of the Jerusalem Temple, they demanded that he renounce the Saviour of the world. But the holy Apostle James instead began to bear witness, that Christ is the True Messiah. Then the Jewish teachers shoved him off downwards. The saint did not die immediately, but gathering his final strength, he prayed to the Lord for his enemies, who at this while were stoning him. The martyr's death of Saint James occurred in about the year 63.
The holy Apostle James composed a Divine Liturgy, which has formed the basis of the liturgies, composed by Saints Bail the Great and John Chrysostomos.

Comment: The Orthodox Church true to it's apostolic stature and traditions has always in all places and at all times celebrated a liturgy based on the framework that was established and initiated by the Apostle James and the church has never veered from this practice in almost two thousands years. What other Christian group can boast such a wonder as this?

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