Thursday, April 2, 2009

Modern Medicine Myths Parallel Greek Mythology

The Greeks had their many gods, and modern western civilization has its "science." Throughout human history, cultures have always invented mythological heroes to heal and protect them. Those cultural heroes have typically taken the form of imaginary deities (such as in Greek mythology). But today in modern medicine, they take the form of imaginary scientific achievements that assume the same roles as make-believe deities.
In times of ancient Greece, for example, citizens who wanted fertility prayed to Demeter. Today, Americans pray to Viagra.

In ancient Greece, citizens who wanted happiness prayed to Eutychia. Today, Americans pray for Prozac.

In ancient Greece, people who wanted to improve the quality of their sleep prayed to Hypnos. Today, Americans pray to Ambien.

The gods and goddesses change, but the underlying mythology stays the same: These pills (or deities) have magical properties that alter your state of being or protect you from tragedy.
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elgreca262 said...

well put. it is a superstition to live as if special foods make one better. the cult of science. there must be distinctions made howeverthat science itself not its die hard promoters learn and help us to approach understnading the complexities of all that God created. check out my blog from yesterday you might see a current theme. today i will expound on it.